Instrument Repairs

Instrument Repairs

Instrument Repairs 

Allegro Music cares about your instrument and offers two different repair shops to meet your needs. We provide quality service and competitive pricing, and our turnaround time is the best in the Bay Area. In-house estimates on all instruments are free of charge. We are fully tooled and can meet all of your repair needs.

We also offer pickup and delivery of instruments for local Bay Area schools. You don’t have to make one more stop during your busy week!

instrument repairs East Bay, CA

Band Instrument Repair

Joel Ryan is an accomplished brass instrument player, skilled craftsman and  manager of the repair shop. His attention to detail and quality represents all that you want in an expert repairman working on your brass instruments!

Doug Rowan is the newest edition to our shop, specializing in woodwind repairs. He has extensive repair experience and is also an expert Sax player!

Renting an instrument from us? Cody and Brandon are your guys when that "Normal Wear and Tear" kicks in. They make sure all of our rental instruments are in great condition going out and coming back! 

Services Offered:

- Instrument Tune-Up & General Maintenance

- Pad Replacement

- Instrument Reconditioning

- Ultrasonic Cleaning

- Case Repair

- Cosmetic Damage Repair (dents)

- Full Overhaul

String Instrument/ Guitar Repair - Jon Ruth

We restring, set up, and repair guitars, violins, and other string instruments! Many repair and restoration services are offered for all makes and models. We also provide warranty repairs for specific manufacturers.

General services include, but are not limited to:

instrument repairs East Bay, CA

  • Re-stringing 
  • Full Instrument Setup (check action, intonation, truss rod adjustment, basic instrument cleaning) 

  • Electronics Installation

  • Fretwork/Fret Board Cleaning and Reconditioning

mailto:If you have questions, email us directly at: We’d be happy to help you!

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