Bob Chandler


Bob has been teaching at Allegro Music for almost 30 years. He is our resident bass extraordinaire and holds an associate’s degree from Chabot College and a bachelor’s degree in music from Cal State East Bay. In addition, he has performed in various live situations for practically his entire life. While he is proficient in all styles of music, he is most passionate about jazz. Bob’s teaching philosophy is, "give the people what they want."

Whether you’re looking to pick up a fun new hobby, start a rock band, get into the depths of music theory, or learn the ways of jazz music, Bob is here to help you along your path.

Mark Olsen


Having been a guitarist and songwriter since 1975, Mark has been teaching for more than 15 years. He attended Cal State University Hayward and studied recording and sound at San Jose State University.

Mark teaches guitar, electric bass, and music theory. In addition, Mark can help the aspiring singer improve his or her vocal performance abilities. As an accomplished songwriter, Mark shares the art of songwriting and assists students with their creativity.

Mark is currently in several different bands, playing both original and cover songs. With over a thousand performances under his belt and multiple CD releases, he has a great deal of experience which he is happy to pass on to his students.

“As a music lover, I strive to help all my students play their best while having fun and being creative. Music is something that should be enjoyed by all, whether it’s a casual hobby, a serious subject of study, or anything in between.”
- Mark Olsen

Jasun Tipton


Jasun’s more than 12 years of teaching experience barely scratch the surface of his extensive experience as a musician. Jasun teaches beginners fret board awareness, finger-strengthening exercises, sight reading, alternate picking, basic chords, songs, and strumming. Advanced students will learn song structure, theory, scales, sweep-picking, soloing and improvisation.

As the founding member of the band Zero Hour, Jasun has toured extensively in Europe and the United States, released six albums, and has been featured in dozens of magazines globally. Jasun is endorsed by Mesa/Boogie, Manne Guitars (Italy), and Kerly Music Strings. He has an instructional DVD titled “Progressive Shredoholic” distributed worldwide by Chops From Hell Productions and “Progressive Shredoholic 2.”

Bill Epps


Bill has 25 years of guitar performance experience and has been teaching for over 15 years. He teaches all levels and styles of electric and acoustic guitar, including rock, blues, jazz, R&B, and country, and he specializes in classic rock, rockabilly, and surf. Not only will students learn the basics of reading standard music notation and tablature, but music theory, composition, and recording, as well.

Bill has taught all around the Bay Area, and in addition to teaching at Allegro Music, he currently teaches at the Fremont Adult School and the South Bay School of Music Arts. He has two recorded CDs of original instrumental guitar music that are available on Check out his band, The Vara-tones, at

Sean Kruithoff


Sean has been an avid guitar player for 27 years and professionally playing for over 20. Apart from his many side projects, Sean has been teaching for nine years and is one of Allegro’s busiest teachers. Hard rock and metal are Sean’s loves, but he is competent in funk, jazz, and blues playing styles. He will help with whatever you’re interested in, but he will teach music theory for beginners and intermediate players and help people of all skill levels with songwriting, improvisation, and technique.

He looks forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your guitar goals!

Josh Kennedy


Josh is one of Allegro's youngest (and newest) teachers. He has been playing guitar for over 8 years and is currently studying for a music theory degree at Ohlone College. In addition, he continues to take his own lessons at Allegro to further his skills and knowledge of the guitar. Josh's favorite musical genres are heavy metal and rock, but is experienced in playing many different styles of music. He is always willing to help students of all levels and ages, and teach them the techniques to pursue their goal of playing the guitar. 

"I look forward to helping you to learn about my deepest passion; playing the guitar."
- Josh Kennedy

Vinay Nair


Vinay has nearly 20 years of playing and performing experience. He has taught at Allegro for the past four years. Constantly pursuing more knowledge in music, Vinay has continued with private instruction for 15 years and is currently working toward a degree in music theory from the Berklee College of Music. While he is proficient in many styles, Vinay’s favorite styles are blues, rock, and funk. Vinay has performed with the Chabot College jazz band, live with several local bands, and done studio work for many local artists.

“I believe that music should be fun and anyone who wants to can learn. Learning to play guitar is about perspiration, not inspiration. The more you put into it the more you’re going to get out of it. Whether you’re striving to be the next big thing or just looking for a casual hobby, I’m here to teach you.”
- Vinay Nair

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